Introducing Conversational Google Search Ads,

4X improvement in CTA's.

60 Day free implementation period. No CC Required.   

An ORI and Google, global initiative.   

12% increase in lead conversions. 
30% reduction in blended CAC.
18% Increase in meeting bookings. 

From Click to closure, in one instance.

Initiate through the power of Google Search Ads. 

Connect with your customers directly from your Search Ads. 

Engage & Convert with Intelligence

Seamless and full funnel native chat

Cookieless Re-engagement

30 days free retargetting via push notificatons

Complete Funnel closure in one click.

Seize the Zero Moment of Truth and talk to your customers in their moment of need

Purpose built for use cases across industries.

Built to accelerate revenue and improve search ad performance. Customizable for any industry.

  • Assisted Shopping. 

  • Influence top of funnel. 
  • Book store visit. 
  • Click to purchase. 
  • Course Discovery
  • Demo Bookings
  • Sales Qualifications
  • Payments 
  • Account offerings. 
  • Mortgage & loan rates. 
  • Policy details & benefits. 
  • New Account opening. 
  • Explore Inventory. 
  • Car features & discovery. 
  • Pricing and comparisons. 
  • Schedule Test Drive. 
  • Purchase New Device. 
  • Upgrade services. 
  • Value Added services. 
  • Book Installation visit. 
  • Search inventory. 
  • Book Reservations. 
  • Personalised offers. 
  • Booking status.

Go live in less than 7 days. 

As part of exclusive global launch : AdSter virtual agent deployed free of cost for 60 days + support from ORI and Google. 

Free of Cost Set-up as part of exlusive launch offer.  

No additional Google Ad spends. 

No creative overhead, no tech dependency. 

Seamless plug & play with your current ads account. 

ORI & Google manage all approvals and set-up. 

The elements that accelerate revenue

1:1 Rich brand experiences for every user with in-built search context.

In-Add native chat co-created with Google. No new app needed. 

Collect PII, Payments, Orfers, Booking and Applications within chat. 

30 Days retargetting via embedded push notifications at no extra cost. 

Adheres with industry-best privacy, regulations, compliance and ecryption. 

Supports multiple native languages for complete inclusion and experience.  

Data & Insights from each ad for better customer understanding. 

Serves millions of impressions without any lags. 

Ready to accelerate your Search Ad performance? 

Get 4X better CTA's on your Search Ads!

Schedule a call to understand whether your brand is eligible for Conversational Search Ads.  

Got Questions? 

Q) Does this work on Android and IOS devices? 
A) Only on Android devices for now. 

Q) How many days to deploy? 
A) A maximum of 7 days - End to end. 

Q) Does my tech team have to get involved? 
A) We manage everything. From conversation flow to set-up to deployment. 

Q) How is retargetting done without collecting data? 
A) When someone clicks on the Ad - A unique device ID is generated - from which you can re-target the user on the same device with personalisation.

Q) Is customer data safe? Storage? 
A) Customer details can be directly synced into your CRM. Fully encrypted. 

An ORISERVE and Google Labs initiative. Part of global beta launch.

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